Vital Stats

Nickname:  RayRay or Ravin' Lunatic

DOB:  10/18/03

Breed:  Mastiff

Sex:  Female/spayed

Eye Color: chestnut brown

Coloring/Markings:  Dark fawn brindle w/ black mask

Food:  Eagle Pack Hollistic Select

Fashion Statement

Collar:  Green & Gold Celtic Dragons

Tags: CGC nametag, pet insurance tag, and a microchip tag on a key ring attached to the D-ring
Personality -     My Mum says that I am a 'ball of fire' - whatever that means!  My favorite thing to do is wrestle with my big brother Paiute; he's such a pushover ;)  I can jump on his head and tackle him and I ALWAYS win!  Mum also says that I have no respect for baby gates, closed doors, or the word 'No'.  I love to whine, talk, and howl when I don't get my way.  I also love to play with toys; my favorites are my Kong, my pacifier (it's red and nubby!), and a silly dog that rattles when you shake it :)  I am going to be a show dog, so Mum says that my energy level will be good for that, but I do tire her out ;)
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